Cause of Action Institute Urges President Trump To End Coercive Fishing Regulations

On Friday, Cause of Action Institute sent a letter to President Trump thanking him for his Executive Order helping the fishing industry and asking him to intervene and order the suspension and repeal of coercive fishing regulations. We recently filed suit on behalf of a group of herring fishermen, challenging a rule that requires them to pay for government contracted monitors that watch them fish. Not only are these monitors unnecessary, they cost upwards of $710 dollars per day, which can actually exceed a fisherman’s daily revenue. This regulation is unlawful, passed without any statutory authorization of Congress. We request that President Trump act now to immediately lessen the regulatory burden on fishermen and save jobs.

You can read the letter here.

Cause of Action Institute counsel Ryan Mulvey:

“Commercial fishermen and their friends have been raising concerns about the overregulation of the industry for years. But those concerns have mostly fallen on deaf ears. Environmental interest groups and bad science have captured federal regulators and helped to push through regulations that go far beyond what Congress ever intended the administrative state to implement. We are grateful for President Trump’s recent executive order, and we’re hoping that his Administration will be able to revitalize one of America’s most storied heritage industries.”